Monday, 19 June 2017

Why are gangs in New Zealand.

Whainga ako: To use persuasive text to change people's opinions to match my own.

I have been learning about persuasive text, because this type of writing is used to change people's minds. I can give good reasons for why gangs should not be in New Zealand. I have researched some gangs in NZ and what they give back to our community.

Kia Ora, my name is Vivian Busby and I am 9 years old. My school is Kaikohe West School.  My kaupapa is "Why are gang’s in New Zealand?"

Firstly, gang’s should not be  in New Zealand because they are bad for little kids and adults.  Little kids can be killed if their parents are gang members, they can get shot by drive by's or gang fights between other gangs. You don’t know, next minute, boom, boom... and it is over for you or your tamariki. So yeah, gang’s are not really good for people who are bad because they just make bad people worse. Tamariki have no role models to show them another way when their parents are gang members.

Secondly, gang members should not have guns because it is easier for them to intimidate others such as shopkeepers and other gangs, even their own families. Gang members can be arrested by the police and go to jail and could stay there for a long time if witnesses are not too scared to testify in court and get them prosecuted.

Thirdly 3. But I think every one can change a little bit by being respectful to each other people plus you have to to be better at things and to learn better you know life doesn't always goes as you planned it to be like gang’s .    They always think they don’t miss a shot like this movie i watch it’s about these two cop partners and these gang’s tried to shot them but they missed the shot.

Finally, So yeah this is actually  why gang’s should not be here. And thank you for listen to my speech today.


  1. Kia ora,
    My name is Brooklyn and I agree that we shouldn't have gangs because they're bad for us even kids that are young and DEFINITELY NOT TO GO NEAR THEM AT ALL, I have 2 reasons why littles kids not go near strangers especially gangs. 1 little kids could get hurt badly 2 they could get kidnaped by them so I agree with you, gangs so be banned here in New Zealand/NZ
    Thanks for reading